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BNR #60 - Pr. Hiroyuki FUJITA

From Wow to Work: Success Cycles in LIMMS Collaboration

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Prof. Tsuyoshi MINAMI (IIS, The University of Tokyo)-Friday Sept 15th , 2017 - AM10:00-Bw403

Applied Supramolecular Chemistry: Exploratory Research Toward Practical Applications in Molecular Sensors.

Dr. Marjorie Villien (Yole Developpement, France), 29th June 2017- Bw403

Status of the microfluidics industry and special focus on an emerging application: organs-on-chips

Prof. Jean-Charles Duclos-Vallée (Centre Hépato-Biliaire, Paul-Brousse Hospital, France), 27th June 2017- Bw403

Bioengineering and liver disorders : future applications

Prof. Michel Simonneau (ENS Paris, France), 21st June 2017- Bw403

Fluorescent nanoparticle tracking of intraneuronal transport abnormalities induced by brain-disease-related genetic risk factors

BNR #59 Dr Marie (CNRS/Ecole Normale Superieure Paris), 20th October 2016

Polymer coatings for dynamic adjustment of specific and non-specific interactions for cell culture

BNR #58 Pr Viasnoff (CNRS, Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore), 25th february 2016

Understanding cell-cell interactions using biomimetic interfaces: a minimal organ approach

BNR #57 - Dr. Shigeki KAWAI (University Basel, PRESTO JST), 16th dec. 2015, PM 5.00, C-lounge

Molecules on surfaces studied by high-resolution force microscopy

BNR #56 - Pr. Mathieu DENOUAL (GREYC-ENSICAEN, FRA), Oct, 26th 2015, PM5:00- E-lounge

Detection of magnetic nanoparticle

BNR #55 by Pr. Masaki SANO, University of Tokyo, Jan 15th, 2015, C-lounge, PM 5:00

Collective motion of active matter: bridging matter and living matter

BNR #54 - Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski (U Sydney), 2014, Dec.17th, PM5:00 - C lounge

Biointerfaces and bio-nano-characterization – beyond imaging with scanning probe microscopy

BNR #53 - Pr. Jennifer HASLER (GeorgiaTech, USA), Feb 17th 2014, PM5:00- E-lounge

A Large-Scale Neuromorphic Hardware Systems Roadmap

BNR #52 - Pr. Renkun CHEN (University of California, San Diego), Feb 14th 2014, PM5:00- E-lounge

Thermal and Thermoelectic Transport in Nanostructures.

BNR #51 - Dr. Charlie GOSSE (LPN-CNRS, France), Sept 26th 2013, PM5:00- E-lounge

Magnetic and electric microsystems for the spatiotemporal modulation of biological signaling pathways.

BNR #50 - Dr. Sebastian Volz (LEM2C, UPR-CNRS 288, France), July 30th 2013, PM5:00- C-lounge

Title : Nanostructure based Design of Materials Properties for the Thermal Management of Micro and Nanosystems.

BNR #49 - Pr. Philippe Cinquin (TIMC-IMAG, CNRS UMR5525, France), July 4th 2013, PM5:00- E-lounge

From Computer Assisted Medical Inverventions to Energetically Autonomous Implanted Medical

BNR #48 - Pr. Nicolas Bredeche (Univ. Paris VI), June 25th 2013, PM5:00- C-lounge

Evolutionary robotics: from evolutionary optimization to in silico experimental evolution.

BNR #47-Pr. Shigeru Kondo (Osaka Univesity), June 10th 2013

Title: Mechanism of skin pattern formation in living organisms. (Room An401/402 - PM5:00)

BNR # 46 - May 28th 2013 by Pr. Wilhelm HUCK

Title: Artificial Cells in Picoliter Droplets

BNR 45 : Pr. Matthias LUTOLF (EPFL) - Friday March 15th 2013, PM 5:00

Title : "Hydrogel microfluidics for stem cell fate control" Abstract: Biomolecular signaling is of upmost importance in governing the patterning of the developing embryo where biomolecules termed ‘morphogens’ regulate key cell fate decisions such as lineage specification. In vivo, these factors are presented in a spatiotemporally tightly controlled…

March 7th, 2012

Friday March 9th 2012, 17h00 Location : E-Lounge,BuildingC, 2nd Floor, IIS-University of Tokyo, Komaba 4-6-1 Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505. Invited speaker : Pr. Jürgen Brugger from Ecole Polythechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Microsystems Laboratory, Switzerland Title : Latest Advances in Nanostenciling

BNR # 44 - Nov 27th 2012 by Pr. Ludovic Jullien

Pr. Ludovic JULLIEN, head of Chemistry Department at Ecole Normale Superieure Paris (France) will give a BNR on Nov. 27th 2012. Title : Chemical approaches for control and analysis of biological processes.

November 4th, 2012

C-lounge, Building C, 2nd floor IIS-University of Tokyo, Komaba 4-6-1, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505. Dr. Anthony COLEMAN LMI, University of Lyon Title : Non-porosity, Porosity, Multi-porosity: the Disordered life of Calix[n]arenes in the Solid-state

EUJO-LIMMS Bio-Nano-Robot Seminar (BNR) #43'''

Dr Toshiyasu Ichioka, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation EU's Framework Programmes for Research, Technological Development and Innovation Tuesday, July 10 , 2012. at PM 5:00, Building C, 2nd floor, C Lounge

February 16th, 2012

C-lounge, Building C, 2nd floor IIS-University of Tokyo, Komaba 4-6-1, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-850 Pr. Tetsuya YOMO Osaka University Title : Self-replication of genetic information in micro-compartments
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